The Collection

Entertain and embellish with Varnish Collection. Each piece is handwoven by artisans in India using all natural materials. Varnish Collection furniture and accessories are unique pieces of art that add warmth and texture to any room.

Get to know the girls behind the brand!

The Varnish Girls

Hi! We are the Varnish girls, Mary Lovett and Anna. We have a love for all things wicker. It's an obsession really. We are excited to bring you these unique styles to elevate your home!

Why Varnish? We are two of five Varner sisters. Growing up, we were always referred to as "The Varner Girls." Born and raised in Columbus, GA, we spent our childhood making memories with our huge family that we cherish dearly. In fact, many of those memories were on our back porch, which was furnished with a full set of painted wicker that had been passed down to us from other family members. When we started our business, honoring our maiden name with the name "Varnish" was a no-brainer.

Through a love for interior design and family tradition, these two sisters founded Varnish! We look forward to helping you create beautiful and memorable spaces in your own home. Welcome!