About Us

Made to be used in joyful ways, Varnish Collection’s pieces are nostalgic, inspired, authentic and rooted in the spirit of family tradition.  Offering a fresh perspective on traditional wicker furniture, Varnish Collection designs products that are intentional and effortlessly add texture and warmth to the sophisticated home. Every piece is hand crafted by artisan partners in India using raw rattan stems in various traditional molding and weaving techniques. From game tables to lighting solutions to sofas and champagne stands, the Varnish Collection leverages the craftsmanship of its artisan partners through intricate yet classic designs, offering a wide range of thoughtful pieces that evoke nostalgia and inspire moments of togetherness. Whether it be  memory making over hot cocoa at bedtime or a game of mahjong with friends on a rainy afternoon, Varnish Collection designs for all of life’s cherished and everyday moments.

The Varnish Girls

Natural leaders and purveyors of style, “The Varnish Girls,” Mary Lovett Beck and Anna Garcia are the sisters, friends and founders behind Varnish Collection.  Born and raised in the tight knit community of Columbus, Georgia by an even tighter knit family, Mary Lovett and Anna grew up with an admiration for the home as not just a place, but a decorated sanctuary where traditions are cherished, ancestral lore is honored and the spirit of togetherness is celebrated through memories made.  From hustling hand picked daffodils out of the bed of their father’s truck to running the neighborhood summer camp, the sisters shared a knack for entrepreneurship from an early age. 

When the opportunity to co-found the artisanal line of wicker pieces that would soon come to be known as Varnish Collection, an ode to the sister’s shared maiden name “Varner,” it felt like the perfect intersection of their shared experiences, values and reverence for tradition their parents established for them. Before starting Varnish Collection, they honed their respective problem-solving abilities and eye for design with backgrounds in interiors, real estate and growing symbiotic small businesses. Beyond their professional pursuits,  both Mary Lovett and Anna find constant joy and inspiration from their journeys as mothers as well as creating lasting memories with family and friends (on Varnish Collection furniture of course!)